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Image by Joe Woods

3rd Degree Creosote Removal 

3rd Degree Creosote are dense, hard, shiny black deposits. It’s a form of tar glaze that’s baked onto the chimney walls. These deposits still have flame-producing hydrocarbons in it, making them highly-flammable. Though difficult to ignite, once ignition occurs, it can burn intensely and be extremely hot, making it quite dangerous. 3rd Degree Creosote cannot be removed with a brush or by scraping it. That type of scraping can damage tiles. 

If this 3rd degree creosote is not removed, your chimney may fill with over 100 pounds of creosote.

The conditions in which these conditions can cause 3rd Degree Creosote may include:

3rd Degree Creosote Removal 

A flue isn’t sufficiently warmed

The chimney is cold or not insulated.

Unseasoned wood is being burned

Genesis Chimney can remove the flue tiles and replace them with a stainless steel (double walled and insulated) liner or install a chemical clean (PCR). PCR can remain in the flue for several days, then cleaned with a brush. We can analyze the damage and then clean it the proper way.

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