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Chimney Cap, Damper and Stainless Steel Chase Cover Installation

Chimney leaks can be costly. Sometimes, they are not even noticed until the damage has been done. These leaks can cause serious damage to your chimney. Your home is in danger of fire damage due to deteriorated flue materials and liners. Mold can also spread and cause serious health issues. 

Leaks can be prevented, however. We can repair the chimney chase structures, bricks and mortars in masonry chimneys, repair the chimney cap, rebuild the structural chimney and repair and reline the chimney cap. If the fireplace damper is damaged, we can repair or install a new damper. 

Genesis Chimney installs damper and stainless steel chase covers and chimney caps for our clients in Washington, D.C. Beltway region 

“Genesis Chimney Services is the best! Kenny is fantastic! I had a draft coming from my fireplace and had another chimney company inspect it. According to that company, they said that my chimney lining was damaged, my fireplace insert needed to be replaced with a custom insert and my chimney cap repaired. They want to charge me almost $9k to do the repairs.

A friend recommended Kenny at Genesis Chimney Services and he came out the following day. He inspected my fireplace and found no damage in the lining (just soot) and that I didn't need to replace my custom fireplace insert, because I don't have one and didn't need one. Kenny did say I needed to replace my metal chimney cap and he said he would replace my fireplace doors (which I did have, not a custom insert) with one that I ordered from Home Depot.  Wow...Kenny saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs for work that did not need to be done. That's called honesty! Unfortunately, it's too rare these days with a lot of businesses.

I really love Genesis Chimney Services. Kenny is honest, and professional and does great work. I highly recommend Kenny and Genesis Chimney Services.”

W. Gunn
5-Star Google Review

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