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Charity and Polo event in Middleburg, Virginia.

Amidst the excitement of a Polo event in Middleburg, Virginia, I had the privilege of crossing paths with Gayla Bynum, a beacon of inspiration. Her charity, "We Will Survive Cancer," radiated hope as she shared her mission to aid cancer patients and their families. In the spirit of community, Genesis Chimney pledged support for her noble cause, recognizing the urgency of collective action. Gayela's dedication underscored the power of unity in battling cancer's challenges. As Genesis Chimney stands behind her, a call echoes for others to join hands. Embracing her cause aligns with the shared responsibility to make a difference. Let's unite to bolster "We Will Survive Cancer" and create a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the Polo field.

For more information on her charity event, please see the following link:

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