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Welcoming Chimney Swifts: Genesis Chimneys' Commitment to Conservation


At Genesis Chimneys, we pride ourselves on not only providing exceptional chimney services but also fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world. In this blog, we invite you to join us on a journey to discover the fascinating world of chimney swifts and learn how Genesis Chimneys is committed to their conservation.

The Marvel of Chimney Swifts: Nature's Tenants

Chimney swifts, with their sleek bodies and agile flight, are remarkable avian creatures that have adapted to urban environments, particularly chimneys. As masters of the air, they spend their days swooping through the skies, catching insects on the wing, and their nights roosting in the safety of chimneys.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Post on Chimney Swifts

The chimney swift is a neotropical migratory bird protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). Thus, harassing, injuring, or killing swifts, their eggs and their nests is illegal. Chimney swifts arrive in the U.S. in March or April to breed and roost and then depart in August or September for South America’s upper Amazon basin of Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Brazil, where they like to spend the winter. See the table below for the timing of spring and fall migration for different regions of the U.S. 

During fall migration, swifts gather by the hundreds to thousands to spend nights together inside masonry chimneys that are usually larger than nesting chimneys. When re-entering these migration staging roosts at dusk, thousands of chimney swifts can create a swirling vortex that captures the interest and imaginations of crowds of people who gather to view these stunning displays in neighborhoods across the U.S. These events are called Swift Nights Out or Swift Sits. At these events people not only enjoy watching the spectacle of so many birds flying together, but they also count the number of birds entering the roosts to help conserve them. 

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How You Can Help: Partnering with Genesis Chimneys

As a homeowner, you can join us in our efforts to support chimney swift conservation. By scheduling regular chimney inspections and maintenance with Genesis Chimneys, you not only ensure the safety of your chimney but also contribute to the preservation of chimney swift habitats. Additionally, consider making your property more bird-friendly by installing chimney caps with mesh screens and avoiding the use of pesticides near nesting areas.


Chimney swifts are more than just birds – they are symbols of resilience and adaptability in the face of urbanization. At Genesis Chimneys, we are honored to play a role in their conservation and to share our passion for these remarkable creatures with our customers. Together, let's continue to welcome chimney swifts into our chimneys and our hearts, ensuring a brighter future for both them and us.

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