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Image by Joe Woods

Wood Fireplace Installation and Repairs

Your factory-built fireplace which was installed by your home builder, may have come to the end of its safe service life. There are many options out there for new, updated wood-burning fireplaces. Old and inefficient wood stoves, many of which are not insurable, are being replaced by new and innovative EPA-rated units that generate more heat to warm larger sections of your home and installation can be completed in one day. 

If your home has a ‘prefab’ fireplace, which is a metal fireplace unit and a metal chimney enveloped by a wood framed chase covered by wood or vinyl siding, you have many fashionable choices for replacement purposes. There are traditional-looking masonry fireplaces. Additionally, there are built-in stoves that increase heat output and can be installed in a wood-framed wall just like your present fireplace. 

A new, upgraded wood stove with an improved EPA rating, a new fashionable appearance and a unit that delivers more heat with better efficiency makes it the perfect choice for a remodeled room. 

Genesis Chimney’s wood stove technicians are fully certified and experienced to install fireplaces, wood stoves, and wood stove inserts. We can replace your older model chimney and fireplace with a new model that generates heat by installing a wood stove or wood stove insert.

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