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Chimney Lining and Resurfacing

While a fire burns in your fireplace, gasses, smoke and combustible byproducts are produced. Those byproducts are contained by the chimney liner and are redirected up the chimney and expelled outside. The liner is indispensable for keeping these health-damaging chemicals out of your home. If the chimney does not have a liner, then those same chemicals and byproducts back into your home. 

Additionally, a chimney that has a damaged or missing liner, will have a poor draft, renders the whole system inefficient. The liner is crucial in protecting the masonry of your chimney from all of the soot, smoke and other toxic byproducts which can stain and damage your chimney. Liners deteriorate over time as they crack and crumble, thus, making your chimney unsafe and also unsightly.  

Genesis Chimney can replace worn, cracked, or deteriorated liners. We can also resurface the inside of the chimney. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), chimney flue should be replaced if they are cracked, broken, or missing.

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