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Gas Fireplace Installation and Repairs

Your gas fireplace will heat up your home safely and efficiently. Most contemporary gas fireplaces are too complicated to clean for the average homeowner. In fact, most residential homeowners don’t even want to touch it for fear of starting a fire. Our experienced team of professional gas fireplace repair and service technicians, certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), can repair and service most gas, wood, and pellet stoves.

Our gas fireplace technicians will conduct a thorough inspection followed by cleaning, and diagnostics of your gas fireplace unit. Most manufacturers of gas fireplaces recommend a yearly tune-up to ensure safety and efficiency. We also install fireplace log sets with gas inserts, if requested. 

After many years of usage, fireplace grates break down. Obstructions can form in the pipe causing smoke to exit from the fireplace or stove instead of the chimney. These obstructions have to be removed for the fireplace and chimney to work at its peak capacity. 

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Genesis Chimney can repair the following:

Gas Fireplace Installation and Repairs

Chimney: We would do regular maintenance which includes annual inspections, chimney sweepings, repointing and other services. 

Damper: If your damper is full of soot, it may fail to open correctly. A broken or cracked damper will trap smoke inside of the house so it cannot escape through the chimney.

Flue problems: Broken flues need to be replaced.

Structural problems: Masonry may need to be reinforced or replaced. 

Genesis Chimney we can install a new gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces are a cost-effective way to heat your home during those cold winter months in the Washington, D.C. area. We can install a new gas fireplace and also keep your unit operating at peak efficiency all year long. 

We will visit your home and do a free fireplace installation consultation. We will grove you all the options and find a fireplace that is within your budget and that meets your requirements for appearance and efficiency. 

“Best experience with a contractor.  Professional, always responsive, extremely knowledgeable and price competitive.  Will be utilizing Genesis Chimney Services for all future needs.”

Robert Wilkinson
5-Star Google Review


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