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Image by Joe Woods

Fireplace Facelift

Everything deteriorates. Fireplaces can, over a decade or two, look pretty bad. So bad, it can be embarrassing to have guests over. An old, outdated fireplace can easily detract from the looks of your living space. 

A fireplace facelift may mean an entire update of your home’s look, much like a new hairdo or wardrobe. Facelifts give new life to your outdated fireplace system by giving it a new look customized to meet your style and preferences. We offer a wide variety of material options for completing your fireplace facelift and most can be completed in a range of designs and colors, too. Once done, you’ll have a fireplace that is completely unique to your home.

Genesis Chimney can bring your fireplace back to life with a facelift. We can renovate it or remove the old fireplace facing. Then, we can create a fresh and updated look that suits your home. We have a large number of materials and colors that will help you create the fireplace you have always wanted. 

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