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 Gas Fireplace Annual Service

Gas fireplaces are just plain beautiful. They match any interior and are amazingly efficient. They are classy and sophisticated. They are also much easier to maintain. They keep energy bills low and burn cleaner than a typical wood stove. 

While still low-maintenance, they do require servicing yearly to make sure they are functioning correctly and keeping your home warm and safe. Genesis Chimney will inspect your gas fireplace and make any repairs needed to keep it running smoothly. 
In fact, a typical gas fireplace can have many moving parts. All of these intricate parts need to be removed, inspected and cleaned once a year as the combustion of the gasses needs to be smooth and clear. This maintenance will assist the unit in getting the most heat and cleanest burn for your overall indoor air quality. Dirty gas fireplace parts get clogged or build up moisture, which leads to inefficient heating and can develop corrosion, and an excessive carbon monoxide release. 
Genesis Chimney has experienced technicians who can clean and repair all the moving parts of your gas stove. Contact us for an inspection and analysis.

“Genesis Chimney Services did a great job with our fireplace. Their service technician, Kenny, was very patient with all my questions and taught me a lot about the importance of gas fireplace maintenance, which I didn’t know was necessary. I will be using Genesis Chimney Services for my future maintenance needs and I would recommend their service to anyone who needs any type of fireplace and chimney maintenance or job. Thank you, Kenny, and good luck in your future plans.”

Luz Martinez
5-Star Google Review

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