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Wood Fireplace and Stove Annual Service

You may have a stove, an insert, a manufactured fireplace, or an open-hearth masonry fireplace. You may use your wood fireplace every day or just have it for occasional or emergency heat. It may have a glass front or a screened front. Whatever you have, your wood fireplace needs annual maintenance. The National Fire Protection Association recommends an inspection and cleaning every twelve (12) months.

Genesis Chimney can inspect and clean your wood fireplace so that it’s working efficiently in those cold winter months. Our team can do it in a few hours and be out of your way. 

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The benefits of an yearly wood fireplace and stove servicing include:

Wood Fireplace and Stove Annual Service

It removes soot. 

It reduces creosote residue in the chimney.

It lets smoke, toxins and fumes escape safely and efficiently.

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