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Image by Joe Woods

New Chimney Construction and Repairs

If you have always wanted a fireplace to keep you warm, then now is the time to have one installed in your home.  A working chimney adds to the look and value of your home. It also improves your life as you stay warm and cozy during the cold seasons. 

Genesis Chimney can install a new fireplace and chimney. We will make sure that it meets all building and insurance codes. There are a variety of fireplaces to choose from and the chimney would match your home construction and style. Our chimney and fireplace consultant will work with you on the choice and type that suits your budget. 

We also repair chimneys. Many of the chimneys we have inspected in the Washington, D.C. area had deteriorated over the years. It happens with the extremes in weather, regular usage, and damage due to animals and debris. 

Our experienced chimney repair team can inspect your chimney, analyze the damage, and make recommendations.


The types of chimney repairs may include the following:

New Chimney Construction and Repairs

Spot Cuts

Chimney Repointing


Cement crowns

Flex crowns

Water repellent

We can make the repairs so that your chimney looks good and operates correctly again. No more embarrassing broken chamber bricks, damaged mortar or rusted liner. We can make it look and operate like it’s brand new! 

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