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Image by Joe Woods
  • kenny6109

Animals In Your Chimney? You Need a Chimney Cap!

Updated: Feb 27

To prevent animals from entering chimneys during winter, install a chimney cap. These metal or mesh covers are designed to fit over the chimney opening, preventing birds, rodents, and other wildlife from entering while still allowing proper ventilation. Ensure the cap has fine mesh to deter smaller creatures. Regularly inspect and clean the cap to remove any debris or nests that may accumulate over time. Additionally, trim nearby tree branches to discourage animals from accessing the chimney from above. If you suspect an animal has entered, consult a professional chimney sweep to assess and address the situation safely. Regular maintenance and the installation of appropriate preventive measures will help keep your chimney free from unwanted visitors during the winter months.

We have recently installed chimney caps for homeowners in Potomac, Maryland, due to the wildlife in that area.


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