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Pros of installing a wood insert

Installing a wood insert into an existing fireplace can offer several advantages. Here are some pros associated with this home improvement:

Improved Heating Efficiency:

Wood inserts are designed to increase the efficiency of traditional fireplaces. They capture and radiate more heat into the room, providing better warmth compared to an open fireplace.

Energy Efficiency:

Wood inserts are often more energy-efficient than traditional fireplaces. They burn wood more efficiently, producing more heat with less fuel consumption.

Cost Savings:

With increased efficiency, wood inserts can help reduce heating costs by maximizing the heat output from the wood you burn.

Environmental Friendliness:

Burning wood can be considered a renewable energy source, especially if the wood is sourced sustainably. Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel, as the carbon dioxide released during burning is roughly equal to what the tree absorbed during its growth.

Reduced Heat Loss:

Traditional fireplaces can be inefficient, allowing a significant amount of heat to escape through the chimney. Wood inserts are sealed systems, minimizing heat loss and maximizing the warmth generated.

Enhanced Safety:

Wood inserts come with sealed doors, reducing the risk of sparks or embers escaping into the room. This feature can be especially beneficial for households with children or pets.

Aesthetics and Ambiance:

Wood inserts often come with a glass door, allowing you to enjoy the ambiance of a fire while maintaining a view of the flames. Some inserts also have decorative features that can enhance the overall look of your fireplace.


Wood inserts can be used to convert an existing wood-burning fireplace into an efficient heating appliance. They are versatile and can often be retrofitted into various types of fireplaces.

Heat Control:

Many wood inserts come with features such as adjustable air vents and fans, allowing you to control the heat output and distribution.

Long Burn Times:

Wood inserts are designed for longer burn times compared to traditional fireplaces. This means less frequent reloading of wood and a more consistent heat source.

Increased Home Value:

Adding a wood insert can be viewed as a valuable upgrade, potentially enhancing the resale value of your home.

Before installing a wood insert, it's essential to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are suitable for the specific type of insert you're considering. Professional installation and regular maintenance are also crucial to ensure safety and optimal performance.Please contact Genesis Chimney for your wood insert needs.

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